Nathan Vinski is a Canadian freedive Competitor, Instructor, and Coach who spends most of his time balancing these three parts of his passion: the sport of freediving.

Top Competitive Achievements

74m CWT | 54m FIM | 35m CNF  |114 DYN

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By immersing himself in each area of freediving, he learns valuable lessons than can be applied somewhere else. He’s an athlete with the mindset of a coach and the knowledge of an instructor, and he coaches with the experience of an athlete.

Competitive freediving didn’t come easy to Nathan. Starting off in the pool scene, his first 4 competitions ended in disaster. After 2 LMC disqualifications, a blackout, and a painfully-short static attempt he nearly gave up competitive freediving, after just 2 years in the sport.

But these early failures weren’t a sign of what was to come. They were lessons and learning opportunities. Nathan took his training into his own hands and did everything he could to avoid the mistakes he had made up until this point, and things started looking up.

A year later he won his first competition: A local static comp in Montreal with a time of 4:46. Nothing to write home about, but a first success nonetheless. In the following competition, it was a 114m DYN-bifins PB, set during another Montreal-local. He had caught the competition-bug, and now needed to pursue the depth disciplines, his true passion in freediving. 


 In 2017, Nathan traveled Tenerife and took part in his first depth competition, the 2nd Atlantic freediving cup. He placed 3rd with a 56m CWT-bifins dive.

In 2018, Nathan won the ‘Saltfree Double Dip’ competition. A U.K based ‘cold-water’ depth comp held in a flooded quarry. Over the 2 day event, he obtained 3 white cards, with dives to; 61m CWT, 35m CNF, and 54m FIM. Frozen to the bone but happy as can be after that one.

2019 is going to be a big year for Nathan. The Canadian rankings he achieved in 2018 qualified him for the 2019 AIDA depth world championships. He is very excited to represent his country alongside the world’s best freediving athletes. He will also participate in an end-of-May competition in Dahab, the Mecca of freediving.



Nathan accepts sponsorship opportunities from brands that are able to enhance his competitive performance or that of his freedive following in a smart, creative and purposeful way. If you have a product that you’d like Nathan to review, or are interested in talking to Nathan about other ways of working together, please get in touch using the form below.

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