What exactly do you need to become a better freediver?

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This is the driving question behind my philosophy as a freedive coach and instructor. Progression and improvement are the products of three very simple things; The right training, at the right time, in the right way.

The thing is, we’re all different and we all need different things from our training. My passion as a coach is solving this puzzle, and is all comes back to my ‘driving question’.. What do you need? What is the right training, timing, and way, for you?

My vision is to bring equality to the sport of freediving by giving freedivers like yourselves, the tools, confidence and access to information to enable you to overcome the natural talent gap and fulfil your potential.

I could never be passionate about ‘copy-paste’ training programs because they assume we are all the same, with the same problems. I could never pretend to believe in any ‘pro-tips or secrets of freediving’ that will instantly make you a better diver, because they simply don’t exist.

Let’s dive a little deeper (pun intended):


The right training

To get better, you need to be doing the right drills and exercises. At the base level, they need to build technique, skills, fitness, and confidence. The more specific this is to you, the faster you will become a better freediver.



Where you are in your freediving journey, and what is holding you back most will change how to best approach your training. Training is like assembling lego-blocks. You cannot put on the finishing touches, until the bases are built. To see results from your training, you need to work on the right things at the right time.


Your training needs to be correctly structured according to the 3 universal training principles. Training too hard, peaking too often, and neglecting your recovery before a big PB attempt is dangerous, and detrimental to your freediving. Proper structure will help you avoid these things, and provide everything you need for short and long term improvements.

As a coach, my aim is to provide you with these three things in the most individual, tailored, and personal way possible. I’m not satisfied with ‘subpar’ coaching, and neither should you.


Let’s get together to explore what’s holding you back from your potential as a freediver. Through a mix of theory and practical in-water sessions, I’ll provide insight and advice to help you overcome your individual struggle. For information regarding availability, cost, and location use the contact form below.

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