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Competitive freediving is like any other sport in that there are high costs associated with training properly, buying equipment, travel to and from locations as well as other essentials. On this site, I sell training plans and programs, as well as provide free advice and inspiration through my blog and on my Facebook page. If you’ve read my information and it’s helping you, perhaps you’ll consider buying a plan to help fund my competitive training?

Alternatively, I’ve set up this page, where you can pledge your support and donate whatever you like to my World Championships fund. All the money I receive will go directly towards progressing my knowledge and expertise as a competitive freediver in order to provide you with further freediving insights and resources, along with expert coaching to my clients.


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This September, I will represent Canada in all 3 depth disciplines at the AIDA Depth World Championships.

So far, my training has been going very well. Since the end of March I’ve been in Dahab, Egypt building back my fitness and preparing for the Dahab Apnea Spring Competition, in which I’m on target to do a 75 metre constant weight (CWT) with a monofin.

This will put a 14 metre depth increase on my previous CWT competition result, and hold me in good stead for repeating the same or increasing to 80 metres for the World championships In July, I will travel to the U.K and start the next phase of my World Championships preparation.

This means lots of time in the pool working on my technique, and deep diving in some very cold water. In France, were the championships will be held, the water is known for being a little cold, so my strategy is to prepare in even colder U.K water.

My aim: train hard – perform easy!!


If I’m going to arrive at the championships fully prepared to dive to the best of my ability, I’m going to need to invest more into my training than ever before.

I need a lot of training in 2 disciplines that I haven’t spent much time on before; Constant-No-Fins, and Free-Immersion (pulling on the rope). This means time with a coach to iron out my technique, time in the pool to build my fitness, and time at depth to improve my adaptation.

To successfully achieve this, I have a target-budget of 4000. This would include everything that I need to be fully prepared for championships; training, coaching, travel costs, accommodation, registration fees, and any replacement equipment.  

Your support would be extremely helpful in making sure that I get everything I need to do my best. If you believe in me, and would like to support my journey to the World Championships, any donation would be gratefully received 🙂

If you’d like to help, but can’t donate right now, please support me by sharing this with people who may also benefit from what I do.      

Thanks everyone and Happy Training.




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